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Your Fear of Failure is a Disguise

I have been working as a productivity/life coach and it has been an amazing experience. I love helping others overcome mental barriers and seeing them transform. One way I coach people through mental barriers is to help them uncover or even discover truths about themselves. There is a pretty common truth that most of us carry.  It's one of the most common hurdles that gets in the way between us and our goals. This truth is woven in these statements below. Can you find them?

"I want to, but what if I fail?"

"I don't believe I can be good enough if I give it my all."

"I don't think I will succeed, even if I try my best."

These statements all display many things. But one I want to point out today is each of these persons' fear of failure.  It's important to mention this mindset because it's self-limiting. And it's within your control to change.

The official name is
"Atychiphobia" I'll give you 5 brownie points if you…

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